Today’s business is where the digital customer is, and enterprises must go the extra mile to create contextual, online user journeys for their customers. Data about every click, like, view, and share can be the catalyst for creating better offerings. Cloud-native solutions around Internet-of-Things (IoT) and blockchain need massive processing capability churning large volumes of data. Real-time data gathered from every device is essential to enhance product performance, and the need is to shift from data centers, to putting ‘data at the center’.

The expectations from cloud technologies are changing and expanding beyond cost. There is a shift in approach to cloud adoption — from infrastructure-centric to application-centric. By creating new, cloud-native applications and integrating them with existing legacy Systems of records / engagements, enterprises can transform user journeys quickly and accurately in the digital era. There is also a massive drive to create standalone cloud native applications that can scale massively, are agile, and address new functionalities. While ‘born in the cloud’ companies had this advantage, leading enterprises have also taken a step in this direction. Capital One, an American bank holding company uses Alexa to enable customers to bank through mobile voice-based queries. Customers can now check credit balances and pay bills through the Alexa app. Adobe too has migrated its entire Creative Suite to the Creative Cloud. Through lower prices, faster innovation, and effective features, Adobe is trying to up the customer experience via applications on cloud.

Customer-experience gains priority over applications and IT infrastructure for enterprises aiming to go digital. Applications need to undergo change continuously to address new functionalities and enhance customer experience. DevOps brings in technology innovation with zero-touch automation across the IT value stream, offers process transformation using lean and agile practices and enables people transformation through an integrated team model. To improve customer experience significantly, every enterprise’s focus has to be at the intersection of apps and infrastructure.