Cloud Applications

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Today’s business is where the digital customer is, and enterprises must go the extra mile to create contextual, online user journeys for their customers. Data about every click, like, view, and share, can be the catalyst for creating better offerings. Cloud-native solutions around Internet-of-Things (IoT) and blockchain need massive processing capability churning large volumes of data. Real-time data gathered from every device is essential to enhance product performance, and the need is to shift from data centers to putting ‘data at the center.’

Customer-experience gains priority over applications and IT infrastructure for enterprises aiming to go digital, and applications need to change continuously to address new functionalities and enhance the customer experience. DevOps brings in technology innovation with zero-touch automation across the IT value stream, offers process transformation using lean and agile practices, and enables people to transform through an integrated team model. To improve customer experience significantly, the focus has to be at the intersection of apps and infrastructure.

Our cloud-based services relieve you from the bother of hosting, servers and other mundane worries. We at Ikon Tech provide your business with world-class facilities for :
  • data storage, archiving, accessing and, disaster recovery
  • secure and reliable analytics,
  • scalable and low-cost web sites and web app hosting
  • low-cost maintenance of existing apps
  • high-powered computing solutions to resolve complex problems
  • wide-ranging services to develop mobile apps
  • Internet Of Things to scale billions of devices
  • Accelerated delivery of audio/video content, APIs