Public Private Cloud

Lower cost increased availability and improved productivity.

This decade has seen cloud computing creating waves and reshaping the entire IT infrastructure. Cloud computing represents a disruptive trend in helping enterprises meet their day-to-day computing requirements. Ikon Tech has emerged as a transformation partner for many large enterprises that envision a digital future in the cloud computing space. Characterized with unmatched capabilities and competencies, we ensure a game-changing customer experience.

We have been recognized as a disruptive first mover, where we initiated talks about infrastructure and application integration. We have been one of the first to devise utility models such as Business Ready Infrastructure and strike partnerships with technology firms and ISVs (Independent software vendors) to create delivery platforms, service operating models, and cloud-based services. Today, the company is associated with 8 out of the top 10 ISVs in their cloud initiatives. Some competency-based services that we provide include Cloud Operations services, Implementation Migration to Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds, and Cloud Assessment.

Global organizations opt for Ikon-Tech’s cloud computing services for several differentiating factors, which include the company’s Center of Excellence, strategic and robust partner collaboration, and intellectual property. Ikon-Tech’s cloud computing Center of Excellence is a dedicated business unit that focuses on thought leadership, competencies, and domain solutions. The Center of Excellence (CoE) has a distinct management focus and is equipped with a Cloud Reference Architecture based on the customer’s requirements, market demands, and future global trends. As a platinum member of Cloud Security Alliance and as a working group member in Cloud Computing Panel at the World Economic Forum, Ikon-Tech lays down a strategic business-oriented cloud adoption roadmap for its clients.