Data Science

Ikon-Tech's data analytics consulting can help you maximize revenue and optimize services.
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We deliver unique, path-breaking data science solutions and services to the global clientele. Our offerings, as one of the leading Data Science consulting firms, ranging from data science consulting services to actual data preparation and modeling, followed by ongoing optimization and performance tuning of the models.

We also migrate algorithms, models across advanced analytics platforms. We also provide training services to increase business user adoption of data science offerings. Ikon Tech’s Center of Excellence (CoE) for Data Science ensures that the latest, cutting-edge solutions are offered to a global clientele. Our in-house competencies in Data Science are enhanced continuously to help retain and grow our presence as outstanding data science service providers, differentiated amongst the several data science consulting firms.


Our suite of platforms helps companies accelerate innovation in data science and machine learning by reducing time-to-market and fostering new research.


Data Science Consulting

Scope identification, feasibility assessment, choice of tools, and algorithms.


Data Science Services

Data Preparation Enriching the data set by missing value replacement, outlier analysis, categorical variable definition.


Data science solutions

Model generation generating the model, testing, and refining on the basis of the validity of output data science service providers.


Performance Tuning

Enhancing model and scripts on an ongoing basis, over and above model self-learning.


Data science Migration

Migration of algorithms, models from one platform to the other, e.g., SAS to R.


Data Science Training

Training of business users as well as technical teams on SAS, Python, and R.

Why ikon tech
  • We are led by a team of accomplished data scientists with a proven track record of generating ROI for our clients.
  • As a full-service and technical consulting firm, we apply a research and development approach to investigate the best possible outcome for each problem and execute the vision at the highest level. We examine each data source, input, and engineering solution to determine if something valuable, automated, or predictive can be created.
  • It is essential for consultants, data scientists, and engineers to work together and analyze business processes to pinpoint areas of restructuring and improvement.
  • Technologies and tools such as deep learning can affect back-end activities in so many ways, that it is critical to explore and leverage how data pipelines and their targeted intelligence can augment complex workflows. For more information, please contact us or visit our industry-specific solutions.