Centera Migration

With 24,000 units World-wide and around 6,000 customers, the Centera is the compliant archive platform of choice for the past 15 years for Call recordings, email, document management as well as Scans/X-rays and many other key applications including in house developed.

As one of industry’s foremost Centera experts, our Assessment Service allows us to report on the metadata (C-Clip). This thoroughly analyses your archived data and generates an in-depth Centera Report on the data within the Centera environment. The value is the ability to cross reference the applications including NICE, Verint, FileNet, Enterprise Vault, PACS and many others, with the data on the Centera storage. The assessment looks at the retention history and state, file sizes and type, chargeback report based on your business, accurate capacity trending, and confirms if the clusters are in Sync and if there is Data missing from the application.

As a business working directly with customers as well as Global Vendors, we have delivered over 250 client assessments which have resulted in the Resync of data, restoring of missing data, deletion of expired data and helping customers with
compliance and migrations. Ensuring the best platform for archiving applications including Object storage, Cloud and NAS.

The assessments also help with the following:

  • Capacity consumption with trending analysis and capacity forecast
  • Retention management and confirmation of current retention policies for regulatory compliance
  • Pool and cluster synchronisation comparisons to ensure accuracy of replication
  • Free up space that was otherwise utilised through re-sync and deletion
  • Application data retention analysis, ingest and deletion history
  • Firmware and revision level reports
  • Analysis of warning and error messages
  • End of Life Nodes (EOSL) and look at the right solution
  • Summary of remedial actions and recommendations
  • Look to migrate and only migrate data that needs to migrate The assessment is undertaken using a purposely designed application for the interrogation and reporting of Centera data environments
  • A full documented report will be supplied and a the findings reviewed with you directly to agree the next steps
  • With this in-depth transparency and expert advice at your disposal, you can make well-informed decisions to improve your infrastructure, minimise risk and increase profitability