Data Discovery Tools

We empower our clients to present complex information by communicating its key aspects in a visual, intuitive way that enables actionable intelligence. This involves the art of taking data and interpreting simple expressions into actionable solutions with the help of advanced business discovery and visualization tools.

  • 80 percent of time and effort in business intelligence (BI) is spent in data plumbing, while 20 percent is spent in analysis / reporting. A very minimal amount of time is spent exploring and interacting with large amounts of data
  • Many organizations still follow a traditional top-down approach of BI and often miss time-to-value and speed-to-market performance indicators to influence key decision makers with actionable insights
  • Ikon-Tech can effectively use the business discovery and visualization paradigm to leverage, enhance, and enrich existing information delivery and analysis capabilities of an organization in an agile and timely manner

Ikon-Tech offers comprehensive end-to-end capabilities around data visualization intelligence, including:

  • Data visualization strategy: To help companies understand their information needs and translate them into an actionable roadmap
  • Report rationalization: To streamline existing reporting capabilities by using visualization and advanced analytics tools
  • Data storytelling: To adopt a seeing-is-believing methodology that enables ‘quick-win’ cycles, which would support and align with the overall business goals
  • Data visualization implementation: To manage the program and successfully execute all related activities from strategy to governing the development, deployment, and consumption of the information