Digital Marketing

As consumers shift online, it has become important for businesses to adopt the rules of online and mobile targeting, personalization, engagement, conversion and retention. Organizations that hone their Digital Marketing capabilities will see immediate benefits and are likely to stay ahead of the curve. To stay competitive, marketers in the Consumer Electronics & Peripherals industry have to overcome several challenges such as collaboration among geographically distributed internal and external stakeholders, lack of an integrated approach to closed loop marketing, measuring ROI from campaigns, and protecting brand reputation and mitigating risks through effective digital dialog.

Ikon-Tech’s Digital Marketing service offers a comprehensive suite of Digital solutions and tools to address the complex branding and communication issues that organizations face today. We leverage our IPs and services to offer best-in-class customer reach and customer experience to drive measurable results. Our innovative Digital solutions incorporate online and mobile marketing planning, campaign management, e-commerce and m-commerce platforms, mobile and web content management, cross-channel data management and analytics and social media marketing & management. Our solution suite includes:

Digital Marketing Solutions: Monitoring, outreach, and customer response through Ikon-Tech Reach and Ikon-Tech Content Cloud

Customer Experience Solutions: Creating an engaging user experience and sales generation through Encore and Digital Factory 2.0

Digital Engagement Solutions: Driving virtual collaboration through MyWorld

With our Digital Marketing service, your organization is always engaging and assisting, and is available to your customers no matter where they are or what device or platform they are using. With increased process productivity, streamlined communications, and an effective and efficient collaboration environment, we help brands drive their marketing performance with strong ROI. But it doesn’t end there. We look at ways in which future technology can be fused with current brand strategies, enabling organizations to find inventive ways to engage with customers

Digital by Design: We help you create an end-to-end, step-by-step Digital roadmap that gets you to market faster and more efficiently.

Agile Solutions: We offer a customizable suite of integrated, Digital solutions that deliver measurable results, fast.

Global Reach: You can leverage the full scale of Ikon-Tech’s global capabilities to drive business agility and market innovation.