Enterprises today are facing uncertainty and unprecedented challenges, requiring a new level of agility to adapt quickly to changes in the business environment. Cloud Computing enables you to navigate these situations and avoid the pitfalls of over investment or under investment in IT. In the past few years cloud adoption saw significant growth and has now become a mainstream technology. With the shift in economic dynamics, CIOs are investing heavily in cloud technologies and expect cloud transformation to lower IT costs and increase efficiencies, while also providing powerful new opportunities to drive business growth.

Consistent with Ikon-TEch’’s commitment to helping customers embrace Oracle ERP Cloud applications effectively, we offer a choice of three Fixed Scope Offerings for Oracle ERP Cloud that can be deployed easily, quickly and affordably, thereby addressing pain points such as lengthy implementations, organizational distractions, and costly overruns. The solution packages with their clearly defined scope, implementation timelines, and costs are a winning strategy for customers. Our service offerings follow a rapid implementation approach for a standard out-of-the–box implementation. Also, our customers may avail of a large bouquet of optional and value added services which are further tailored to their specific requirements for customized deployments.