Mobile Integration

Taking your digital journey to new heights.

Mobile initiatives are a massive driver of integration projects. Enterprise workforces increasingly demand access to the internal tools they use in the office on their phones and tablets.

ERP and CRM integration with the mobile device gives access to your business software remotely, empowering the staff and field service personnel to access the data from anywhere from production to client site.

Integration challenges and solutions come in a wide range of scope and complexity. Likewise, enterprises have historically taken on integration initiatives for various reasons, most often to allow siloed legacy applications to share data without a complete rewrite.

For an Enterprise Integration solution targeting mobile, the architecture usually involves tying into existing tools and data stores, often transforming and caching some data before exposing a subset of the internal systems’ functionality via REST resources. It’s more like a specialized middleware piece that integrates systems than a full-blown Enterprise Integration project in the traditional sense.

Mobile integration for all solutions
  • Build and deploy mobile apps in less than an hour without coding.
  • Built-in mobile services, shared API catalog, and lifecycle management.
  • A collaborative environment for mobile app and backend services developers.
  • A unified platform that can centralize multichannel development for mobile, bots, and web applications.
  • Open and popular standards, including JavaScript, Node.js, REST, SOAP, Swagger, and RAML.
  • Built-in analytics provide multichannel insights into user behavior and application performance.
  • Role-based security at the API level.
  • Mobile back end as a security container.