GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations

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GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations

On the 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced and replaces the Data Protection Directive of 1995. The aim of the new regulation is to enhance and unify data protection for all individuals living in an EU member state.

We provide end to end data and privacy compliance to organizations across all business sectors. Together we have combined the expertise of specialist data privacy and GDPR compliance consultants, lawyers, IT security experts, and operational specialists to ensure you are compliant without any operational disruptions.

01.GDPR Compliance Services & Assessment:

GDPR Compliance Services & Assessment Review requirements, applicability, identify gaps and areas of risk across people, process, and technology, and develop a pragmatic roadmap and action plan.

02.GDPR Technology & Program Implementation :

Provide privacy subject matter expertise and assist with the implementation of GDPR enabling technology. Our team has experience with GDPR relevant technologies (e.g., Data Mapping, Data Remediation, Incident Response, Subject Access Request Workflow, Records Management, Archival tools, and more). Define requirements, perform vendor selection, and implement compliant processes and procedures.

03.Data Map Development :

Develop a GDPR specific personal data map and inventory personal data across the enterprise, where it flows internally and externally in the organization.

04.Data Subject Rights :

Define a standardized process to review and efficiently handle Data Subject requests, including defining roles and responsibilities for internal and external stakeholders. Enable efficient data mapping, identification, and searching across diverse data sources.

05.Cybersecurity :

Cybersecurity Assessment and Program Implementation Assess cybersecurity posture and provide recommendations for implementing policies, processes, and technologies that establish the appropriate level of security to mitigate risks.

06.Contract Intelligence :

Identify potentially relevant contracts that may need to be reviewed and updated with new GDPR compliant data protection clauses utilizing FTI or partner-related technologies.

GDPR compliance solutions that make up our packages include

Our consultants are highly qualified and experienced in their fields of expertise. Our network includes lawyers, business/operational, technical specialists, and highly skilled security architects. We offer many flexible packages to suit your business, the GDPR compliance solutions that make up our packages include:

  • GDPR Readiness Reviews.
  • Certified Training.
  • Awareness Briefings.
  • Privacy Impact Assessments.
  • Personal Data Audit.
  • Notifications Review.
  • Rights Workflow.
  • Contract Reviews.
  • Policy Reviews.
  • Privacy Architect Reviews and Guidance.
  • Remediation of any issues highlighted by the reviews.