Supply Chain

We offer supply chain management solutions to streamline the flow of various products from the point of order to fulfillment.
Supply Chain

Your retail enterprise requires a resilient supply chain that responds to the dynamics of global commerce. With increased globalization and evolving competition, You need an agile supply network to stock sufficient inventory and ship goods and merchandise to your customers on time via their preferred retail channels.

The supply chain is becoming a critical competitive differentiator, and organizations must understand how to address challenges while improving service at a lower cost. Ikon Tech supply chain consulting services help enterprises create and manage high-performing, resilient supply chains that drive sustained and profitable growth.

Ikon-Tech Retail practice implements advanced supply chain applications to manage the flow of a wide assortment of products from the point of order to fulfillment. Our data-oriented supply chain processes offer visibility into the status and lead time. It helps you minimize your inventory overhead while ensuring the success of your Omni-channel retail program.

  • Our team of experts offers consulting services for excellence in the supply chain.
  • We have rich experience in integrated business planning and performance management, including reporting, supply chain analytics, and continuous improvement.
  • We have great expertise in integrating location and tracking technology such as the Internet of Things(IoT) devices, RFID readers, and beacon frames.
  • Our Supply chain management solutions align purchase patterns and lifecycle of products with delivery schedules and channels.
  • We develop digital solutions that focus on user engagement.
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