Data Governance / Compliance

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Data Governance / Compliance

Mergers & acquisitions, strategic alliances, and partnerships are undertaken to expand market share, gain domain knowledge, and improve profitability. This trend of market consolidation is contributing to increased compliance risk. Additionally, companies introduce new products for multiple industry verticals to generate more top-line revenue.

In this milieu, organizations should eschew a siloed approach among geographically separate business units. Therefore, compliance and risk management is imperative. Today, firms strive to embrace governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software platforms to drive sustainability and enable effective governance and risk management. Analysts forecast the GRC platform market to grow at a CAGR of 9.42% over the 2013-2018 period.

Ikon-Tech, a pioneer in GRC solutions, provides strategic insights and advisory services to surmount enterprise-level compliance risk challenges. We have developed a unique industry-specific portfolio, fueled by relevant experience and expertise in the technology and business domain. Our differentiated solutions have enabled clients to reduce exposure while improving governance risk management.

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Our services are focused on process & technology alignment. They can be tailored as per your industry vertical or geographic spread as need be, allowing your organization to assert more control over complex and ever-changing risk & compliance dynamics. With our GRC services portfolio, you can achieve a higher level of compliance and better manage risk at a low cost with a degree of efficiency and precision that is not possible with the traditional GRC approach.
Our Governance Risk & Compliance services comprise
01.Compliance Management :

Manage organization risks effectively with minimal commotions to business leveraging assessment, regulatory intelligence, compliance as a service and transformation.

02.Governance and Risk Management :

Enhance IT governance and strengthen risk management with strategies & roadmaps, policy management, operations, and regulatory risk management, building & improving IT governance.

03.Audit Management :

04.Business Continuity Management :

Build organizational resilience and ensure continuity of business with BCP/DR advisory, managed services, and multi-vendor management.

05.GRC Technology & Solution Implementation :

Increase visibility with IT GRC solution blueprint, implementation, integration, and monitoring.

06.Data Privacy :

Strengthen and build reliable services in a data-sensitive environment with the help of inventory and data flow mapping, privacy program implementation, impact assessments, regulation analysis, and incident management.