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Data Services

Modern enterprises are treating their data as a strategic asset. In fact, companies that are best-suited to compete in today’s rapidly changing business landscape have transformed themselves into data-driven enterprises. Big Data has changed the way enterprises understand and use the growing volume, variety, and velocity of data. This has led to formulation of new data driven business strategies with focus on improving quality and speed of decision making, along with better planning and forecasting. A well-executed data strategy can help identify opportunities to reduce cost, gain deeper insights, mitigate risk, and serve stakeholders better.

As enterprises grow, there is a need to move data across applications and systems. This could be due to organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, off-shoring, partnerships, and expansions into new markets. In turn, this has led to enterprises facing major challenges in keeping data consistent across heterogeneous systems with different data formats. These systems require complex data mapping rules that need to be updated to keep up with data variety. Modern enterprises also need to adhere to global regulatory norms. Such a mix of constraints and risks make it difficult for enterprises to pursue profitable data management strategies.

Towards this, we have developed the high-performance, scalable, and cost-effective data management platform that addresses most issues in the data migration life cycle.It provides seamless, zero error, data services across diverse source and target databases and addresses all data management needs for structured and unstructured data. It consists of separate modules for Data Quality, Master Data Management (MDM) and Migration Methodology, Rich Artefacts, Checklists and Toolsets for accelerating Data Migration and MDM.

Data Analytics

Can your organization identify and predict new business trends and changing customer expectations ?
How do you leverage these predictions to maximize revenue and optimize service ?
Is your analytics engine delivering insights that help you increase efficiency, predict risk and reduce costs ?

Enterprises, globally, recognize the explosion of data in the new-age ecosystem they operate in, which is marked by always-on-connectivity, internet-of-things applications, and mobility. The duality of this ever-growing data is that it is as much an opportunity as it is a challenge. The growing number of new sources of data, which comes at great pace, high volumes, and unstructured forms pose challenges. The opportunities it presents at the same time is immense when the explosive data is leveraged fully. It enables enterprises to find new opportunities, create new game-changing phenomena, discover new possibilities and stay ahead of competition.

Data analytics

Ikon-Tech Data Analytics envisions an analytics-driven enterprise to deal with the data duality. An analytics-driven enterprise overcomes challenges in the new-age-data-ecosystem through the most effective combination of people, process, and technology elements that support its data-analytics initiatives. An analytics-driven enterprise is also able to uncover the potential that data possesses in its entirety to the extent that it is able to monetize data. Ikon-Tech Data Analytics envisages enterprises to monetize data through the following levers:

  • Customer Intimacy: by delivering delightful customer experiences driven by actionable insights that ensure revenue upside for the enterprise.

  • Operational efficiency and risk management: higher efficiency through automation and insights-driven operations, and prevention of risk across the business value chain through predictive insights, which help reduce costs and in turn offer monetary gain for the enterprise.

  • New revenue streams: by enabling enterprises to convert data into strategic assets that create new revenue models.

The strategic approach addresses three key imperatives of data provisioning, data consumption and the organization culture that binds them together within the enterprise.

  • The boundaryless information platform, which brings in a solution-perspective, enables effective data provisioning across the enterprise while accounting for the new-age data landscape marked by high volumes, varieties and sources. It also breaks down physical, technological and organizational boundaries that are inadvertently created within the enterprise and presents the right data to the right people at the right time.
  • The progressive organization establishes a data-driven culture, bringing business and IT together, to ensure maximum output from data-analytics initiatives. The holistic approach caters to the existing people, process and technology investments in the enterprise, transforms it to become analytics-driven and enables the enterprise to monetize data.
  • The pervasive analytics pillar is built with a data consumption purpose. It enables self-service, embeds analytics into key functions and processes, and automates insights-generation for informed business decision-making, in real-time or ahead-of-time.

Our data-driven strategies enable our clients to compete, innovate, and drive value.

Today, communication is essential for companies across the board in providing and feeding data for analysis. Big Data analytics tools are hugely effective in this context, creating more targeted offers, developing customizable consumption plans for end consumers, and enabling business strategies based on behavioural studies. What’s more, the explosion of devices and platforms has only meant a proliferation of the avenues utilized by customers for interactions, both with each other, and with the organization.

This implies the need to continuously replenish strategic approach, based on insights gleaned from numerous channels. Big Data analytics is also being deployed internally to evaluate performance metrics, fine-tune expansion strategies, and measure program effectiveness.

We are committed towards the effective implementation of Big Data Analytics tools across several mission-critical industries, helping our customers take informed operational decisions in the following areas pricing, product bundling, campaigns, customer experience, churn, and customer management. Business capabilities that we have enabled includes:

  • Increased service reliability and prediction on component failure, thus reducing unscheduled maintenance.
  • Cross-selling and up-selling of products and services.
  • Better insights into customer behaviour and churn management.
  • Improved sales analytics and visual dashboards for marketing campaigns.
  • Classification of application sessions – web, multimedia and p2p for service differentiated charging.